See if you can spot the moment infectious disease specialist Dalilah Restrepo regretted agreeing to this Fox & Friends interview. It comes at about the 2:42 mark, when Elisabeth Hasselbeck asks her why she isn’t panicking about the first case of ebola diagnosed in the United States.

“You have a very calm tone,” Hasselbeck said. “It must come by nature with what you do professionally, doctor. The rest of us are saying wait a minute, there’s a lot of panic when it comes to the flu, to lice. As a parent, I’m thinking, ‘Well there should be a little bit of a justification for worry here.’”

Restrepo explained several times that ebola was not infectious until the patient was symptomatic, a point the F&F troika bowled right over. She also added that ebola required bodily fluid contact to spread, unlike the flu.

“But it’s here!” Hasselbeck objected.

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