Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other Senate Democrats are calling on federal regulators to step up efforts to protect consumers from educational programs that engage in fraud and deceptive marketing, in light of the ongoing case against Trump University.

In a letter sent Wednesday to the heads of the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Veterans Affairs, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Education Department, the lawmakers urge the agencies to create an online tool that alerts and warns potential students of companies posing as universities without a state license, charter or accreditation. They also asked the agencies to “enhance and prioritize” enforcement of federal consumer-protection laws that prohibit deceptive practices by businesses or “individuals who lend their names to sham outfits.” The senators are seeking a response by the end of August.

VA calls attention to lawsuits against colleges on its GI Bill Comparison Tool, a website where members of the military can research colleges and universities. Education officials, meanwhile, have updated the College Scorecard to include warnings about schools that are poorly managing their finances. Still, there is no one-stop government website where prospective students can learn whether institutions are operating without a license or accreditation.

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