Elle Magazine was blasted Thursday after a tweet containing fake news re-directed users to a voter registration page.

The tweet claimed famous celebrity power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were splitting up, and featured a picture of the two, complete with gasp and broken heart emojis.

A link in the tweet redirects to WhenWeAllVote.com, a non-profit voter registration site co-chaired by former First Lady Michelle Obama, Hamilton actor and author Lin-Manuel Miranda, and a slew of other liberal entertainers.

The landing page is catered to Elle’s mainly female readership and encourages women to head to the polls for the midterms on Nov. 6.

“So far in the primaries, women have beat long-time incumbents and created historic races, all while redefining what it looks like to be a woman in politics. And now you have the opportunity to vote for them, or whomever you choose, in the midterm elections. No matter your party or your state, it’s more essential than ever to make your voice heard,” the page reads.

Twitter users slammed Elle for the cheap trick.

Many credited anti-Trump author Ashlee Marie Preston for devising the trick after she made a tweet last week lamenting Kanye and Kim’s imaginary break-up, with a link re-directing to vote.gov.

The Twitter deception is apparently gaining steam, as another fake celebrity news story concerning pop star Arianna Grande also redirects to vote.org.

Elle’s intentionally misleading tweet comes on the heels of West’s visit to the White House last week, where he discussed prison reform, his vision for the black community and his admiration of Trump himself.

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