Of all the key government players involved in saving the U.S. economy from collapse back in the autumn of 2008, Edward Quince has hardly earned a mention.

But at the trial of former American International Group (AIG.N) CEO Hank Greenberg, Quince’s name emerged in an email sent during the height of the crisis.

Edward Quince. Aka: Ben Bernanke, the former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Lawyers during the trial identified Quince as Bernanke in the email.

The Wall Street Journal, which earlier on Friday reported Bernanke’s alias, said the Fed’s general counsel testified that the former Fed chairman used the name during the financial crisis to make sure he did not receive extraneous emails. It is not clear what was meant by extraneous emails.

A Fed representative confirmed that the name was used as a pseudonym by Bernanke for the email.

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