Joe Biden engaged in a giant softball game with the press today – perhaps best described by Newsbusters‘ Curtis Houck as not “even putting the ball on the tee,” rather “This is hitting the ball over the stands and letting Biden run the bases.”

But before we get the choreographed Q&A, you should know that Biden went full Ron Burgundy today – reading “end of quote” off the teleprompter.

The Friday flub comes just one day after Biden read ‘topline message’ off another teleprompter.

In short, Biden is now having issues with ‘behind the curtain’ media cues.

Hiding Biden finally crawled out of his hole. He was met with his one lone supporter outside of his appearance at a church in Kenosha, Wisconsin to finally address the Marxist media brainwashed mob violence upon that city that racked up Over $2 million dollars worth of damage to city property alone.

Meanwhile, check out these softballs:

Nothing about meeting with raging antisemite, Jacob Blake Sr, in the pursuit of more woke points? Nothing about his tax plan that he said his people would ‘shoot me’ for revealing?

Perhaps people will take the press seriously when they start asking serious questions.

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