A former Google engineer claims that he was blacklisted, bullied and ultimately fired by the tech giant all because of his conservative beliefs, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Kevin Cernekee told The Journal that, after his posts to the tech giant’s internal message boards in early 2015 annoyed some of his colleagues, he received an official warning from Google’s human resources. His conduct had reportedly been deemed “disrespectful and insubordinate.” The Journal reports that, around that time, a senior manager at the company wrote on the message boards that he had added the engineer to a “written blacklist” of Google employees he wouldn’t work with.

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Cernekee spent the next three years fighting the Mountain View, Calif.-based firm over the alleged violations and arguing that conservative employees were being treated unfairly, according to the report, which cites interviews, documents and copies of posts on the company’s internal message boards.

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