Wi-Fi is amazing, but there’s no denying that all those hours of Netflix binging and scrolling Facebook can be a real energy suck, rapidly draining your phone’s battery life.

But engineers in the US have just generated Wi-Fi transmissions that use 10,000 times less power than conventional methods, which means you can have everything downloading all the time, without sacrificing battery life. And it can already be used with off-the-shelf smartphones.

So far, the team from the University of Washington has only managed to achieve speeds of 11 megabits per second with the new connection, which isn’t going to break records any time soon (it’s no Li-Fi).

But they’re working on getting the connection faster, and, more importantly, they’ve already shown that their ‘passive Wi-Fi’ technology works in real-world testing – it reportedly integrates “seamlessly” with existing routers and smartphones.

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