Jurriaan Maessen
April 13, 2012

At a January 25 2011 lecture titled Stabilising the global population: Where next for the Millennium Development Goals for health and nutrition professor Anthony Costello of the Institute of Global Health told his audience that “climate denialism” in the US is “a major problem”, both culturally and politically, “that’s got to be addressed.”

Preceding these remarks Costello stressed that the phrase “climate skeptics” needs to be removed from the vocabulary when describing those not willing to go along with the disproved and debunked “climate change” hoax. Rather, Costello argues, the phrase should be replaced by “climate denialists”

In the following clip (from 38 minutes onward) the professor can be seen and heard spouting his dangerous views:

I think America is deeply depressing”, Costello stated, “because they are 49 out of 50 of the latest republicans elected to whichever chamber it was were kind of skeptics. I mean… (inaudible).. I think we should remove the word “skeptics”, as Chris Rapley says, climate denialists. They don’t just don’t accept…. and there’s a major cultural problem I think in the United States politically, and that’s got to be addressed.”

This was not the first time Costello said that denying the politically driven voodoo-science of global warming equals a “major problem”. During a 2010 Policy Symposium on the Connection between Population Dynamics, Reproductive Health and Rights and Climate Change (page 5), the professor stated outright thatclimate skepticism kills.”

Of course Costello’s comments are by no means incidental ravings by some overzealous demographer. They represent views held by a large bulk of the scientific community. The professor’s words also tie in with those written down by professor Karo Norgaard who called for the “cultural resistance” to the concept of man-made climate change to be recognized and treated” as abnormal behavior.

There is also the case of a University of Amsterdam philosopher named Marc Davidson who in 2007 wrote that those who are skeptic about global warming equal those who defended slavery.

Another scholar joining the sickening choir is Andrew J. Hofman of the University of Michigan, who in his paper “Climate change as a cultural and behavioral issue: Addressing barriers and implementing solutions” wrote that “(…) the magnitude of the cultural and moral shift around climate change is as large as that which accompanied the abolition of slavery.”

In his paper Hofman also stressed that “humankind has grown to such numbers and our technologies have grown to such a capacity that we can, and do, alter the Earth’s ecological systems on a planetary scale. It is a fundamental shift in the physical order – one never before seen, and one that alters the ethics and morals by which we judge our behavior as it relates to the environment around us and to the rest of humanity that depends on that environment.

Altering our ethics, altering our morals- and altering these to more “environmentally friendly” ones. This, as we have learned, has nothing to do with the environment these professors profess to care about. It is just the most elaborate and sophisticated excuse they can come up with to sell a population reduction agenda that’s been long in the making.

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