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December 26, 2013

Back in the 60′s and 70′s the small minority of homosexuals made some logical arguments regarding incidents of violence and discrimination towards those who openly proclaim their same sex sexuality. Many of us agreed that no one should be beaten, killed or denied job opportunity just because some disapprove of their life style. We were assured back then, those in the homosexual community just wanted to be treated fairly and protected from blatant violence. If only it had stopped there.

Some 50 years later, the homosexual community has slowly gotten a strangle hold on all segments of American society. They have even gone so far as to change our vocabulary. We can no longer refer to them as homosexual, but now must use the word “gay”. If you oppose the lifestyle, you are referred to as a “homophobe”. It should be noted there is no such word as homophobe. They made it up. They also perverted the word “gay” to fit their lifestyle.

The gay agenda has used Stalinist tactics to shut down any criticism of them. Professional and college athletes and coaches are severely punished if they ever criticize a homosexual or the gay life style. Public figures are excoriated in the media or fired from their jobs. Television and radio are required to continually broadcast shows trumpeting the virtues of being gay. Athletes and media stars are celebrated when they “come out of the closet”.

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