Donald Trump’s tough immigration plan didn’t prevent him from winning the Latino vote in the Silver State Tuesday night.

According to entrance polls, Trump won 45 percent of Latinos who participated in the Republican caucuses in Nevada, nearly as much as the combined total of the two Latino candidates in the race, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Rubio garnered 29 percent of the Latino vote, while Cruz attracted 18 percent.

Just eight percent of Republican voters who participated in the caucuses Tuesday identified as Latino, according to the entrance polls. Henry Olson, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, cautioned observers not to make too much of Trump’s result among Latinos because the sample side was “[t]oo small to trust.”

“If the entrance poll had 1500 N, Hisp only 120,” he tweeted. “Too small to trust.”

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