The United States must take aggressive “climate action” to avoid tens of thousands of  deaths annually and prevent economic damages of up to $5 trillion, according to the Obama administration’s latest—and most alarming—assessment on the ills of global warming.

It’s yet another call to action by the administration, which has repeatedly used scare tactics to gain support for its outrageous and disastrous “green” initiatives. In this case the frightening government warning got delivered in an extensive report published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The document, compiled by a group of expert environmentalists, is being promoted by the bloated agency as “one of the most comprehensive analyses to date on the economic, health and environmental benefits to the United States of global climate action.”

Like a Hollywood movie, the report compares two future scenarios—one with significant global action on climate change and the other with no action. The government’s handpicked experts quantify the differences in health, infrastructure and ecosystem impacts under the two scenarios and magically predict the future, producing accurate estimates of the costs of inaction and the huge benefits of reducing global emissions. Perhaps they can launch a hotline where the public can call for winning lottery numbers.

“This report shows us how costly inaction will be to Americans’ health, our environment and our society,” Obama’s EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, says in a statement promoting the outlandish findings. “But more importantly, it helps us understand the magnitude of benefits to a number of sectors of the U.S. with global climate action. We can save tens of thousands of American lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars, annually in the United States by the end of this century, but the sooner we act, the better off America and future generations of Americans will be.”

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