Two men hung a massive Trump 2020 banner over the Main Street Railroad Station at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom over the weekend.

The banner, reading “Re-Elect Trump” and “Keep America Great 2020,” was seen by several park visitors who responded with mixed reactions.

At first, boos could be heard but after the banner was taken down the man who brought it was met with kind words by many at the park.

“Good job,” says one passerby, followed by a group telling the man, “that was awesome,” and “keep it up!”

The man behind the stunt identified himself as Dion Cini, a New Yorker and longtime Trump supporter, who told Newsweek he was hoping for a “viral effect.”

With big tech openly censoring conservatives, Trump supporters have been forced to inject their messages into the public sphere by alternative methods such as Cini’s banner stunt, Infowars’ appearance at a Texas Rangers baseball game and the recent Infowars Army sign wave event in Downtown Austin, Texas.

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