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9:23pm CT
Clinton claims she won’t let anyone into the country who hasn’t been vetted, but FBI Director James Comey admitted in 2015 they can’t vet those who hadn’t performed a terrorist attack yet, including radicalized migrants.

9:19pm CT
Trump points out Hillary’s own campaign chairman says she has bad judgment.

9:08pm CT
When asked if he’ll hold up the results of the election, Trump points out the mainstream media is dishonest and poisoning the minds of the voters, but they’re losing influence. He also says there’s a ton of registered “voters” who legally should not be registered.

9:00pm CT
Trump points out the though the Clinton Foundation, Hillary has taken money from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries where gays are thrown off buildings and where women are stoned and beaten. He also pointed out the Clintons scammed Haiti.

Clinton counters by claiming they’ve sent over 90% of the money to Haiti, but even the mainstream media admitted the Clinton Foundation was keeping money meant for the Haitians.

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8:55pm CT
When asked about his accusers, Trump said they were debunked and pointed out the Clinton campaign was involved in paying activists to incite violence in Chicago and other rallies and the campaign was likely also behind the accusations.

8:44pm CT
Hillary claims she won’t add a penny to the national debt. How?? The debt is up $236,991,525,500 since the first debate!

8:25pm CT
Hillary attacks Trump on the wall, but Trump fires back: She wanted the wall, too!

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8:20pm CT
Trump says he’s against nine-month abortions.

8:15pm CT
When asked about gun control, Trump points out Chicago has probably the toughest gun laws in the country, yet still has high murder rates.

8:10pm CT
Psych warfare: Hillary Clinton’s microphone is set higher than Donald Trump’s.

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Now this debate is not just about Trump vs. Hillary, but rather it’s about how the shadow government is finally uncloaking before our very eyes to destroy US sovereignty.

The latest Wikileaks emails reveal the inner workings of the global elite who are forging an authoritarian society dominated by technocrats in government, technology and media whose claim to power rests solely on their arrogant belief they are superior to the rest of society.

These elites stay in control using military conflict, which begs the question: will they force the US into a nuclear war with Russia?

Will 2017 mark the beginnings of global tyranny or the renaissance of liberty?

Again tune into tonight for our live debate coverage starting at 3pm Central!

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