CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta was gestured to keep quiet Friday after he kept yelling in the ear of an attendee at President Donald Trump’s tax reform anniversary event.

The fake news reporter was filmed shouting questions at the president from a considerable distance, while a loud crowd applause drowned out his voice.

One person who did hear Acosta was the man standing directly in front of him, who twice turns and gestures for him to shush.

Acosta later tried to claim the president ignored his questions during the event.

However, video evidence clearly shows the president would not have been able to hear Acosta’s bleating.

Responding to Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Jacobs’ claim that attendees celebrated louder when the press began to ask questions, Acosta asserted, “We are not going to be shushed.”

The notorious fake newser was attempting to push his network’s narrative that Trump was somehow responsible for the shooting that took place at The Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, Thursday.

Watch the president deliver remarks at the six month anniversary of the historic tax cuts:

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