A Walmart worker pages a customer named “Palosy Sabich” in this epic prank pulled off by Trump supporters at the expense of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“Attention customers, attention customers,” the worker announces over the store’s intercom system.

“Can I get Palsoy Sabich to the fitting room to meet her party?” she says, unknowingly referring to the California Democrat who initiated impeachment articles against President Trump. “Palosy Sabich to the fitting room to meet her party.”

“Get outta here,” a WalMart shopper can be heard exclaiming, quickly catching on to the joke.

The Bart Simpson-esque stunt was reminiscent of a similar prank from 2019 which called attention to the suspicious death of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Trump takes a victory lap at Daytona 500 with the presidential limo (The Beast) as a pace car. But the bureaucracy hopes to defeat Trump’s efforts to repeal Obama’s regulations that will make non-electric cars unaffordable in just a couple of years.

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