December 20, 2011

On the Tuesday edition of Infowars Nightly News, Alex Jones breaks down the conspiracy to ignore Ron Paul and undo the influence of the nation’s leading primary in Iowa.

Aaron Dykes talks with Hoppy Heidelberg, who sat on an Oklahoma Grand Jury in 1995 empaneled to look into the OKC bombing as well as filmmaker of A Nobel Lie, James Lane. Hoppy would ultimately challenge the evidence cooked up by the government in its case. He believes the claim made by Terry Nichols in 2006 that McVeigh was being handled by a high level FBI agent.

Other news items covered this evening:

Scientists have released a study showing that 14,000 children in the United States died prematurely from radiation released at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

Iowa governor Branstad’s act of sabotage against candidate Ron Paul – claiming that his caucus win should be ignored – is an outrageous attempt to tamper with the election process and is treason.

Tyranny relies on obedience from the masses. So what makes people obey the system? An analysis of the 1961 Milgram electrocution experiments and the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiments help shed some light on the psychology of following orders and transferring power to the State.

Cynical market speculators and bankers drive up food prices as they engage in a pathological attempt to gamble and profit on hunger and starvation. Also word that the Federal Reserve quietly bailed out another bank last week.

Finally, Aaron covers news that the so-called Free Syria Army is led by a NATO-Libya commander who is an al-Qaeda member.

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