Former Attorney General and Barack Obama buddy Eric Holder told an audience at a Washington, D.C., breakfast Wednesday morning hosted by the Christian Science Monitor that he hasn’t ruled out an attempt to unseat President Donald Trump in 2020.

When asked about a potential primary bid, Holder replied “We’ll see,” and later said that he will decide later this year about stepping into what is expected to be an extremely competitive race.

Holder was also asked about a possible future career in politics, in which he responded similarly, saying, “I’ll see. I’m focused on the NRDC [National Democratic Redistricting Committee] at this point.”

“But I think I’ll make a decision at the end of this issue as to whether or not there is another chapter in my government service,” Holder said.

During his time as Obama’s attorney general, Holder became a polarizing figure— becoming the first member of a president’s cabinet in history to be held in contempt of Congress after failing to cooperate with a Congressional investigation into a Justice Department program that provided guns to Mexican gangs.

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