The mainstream media’s behavior toward President Trump, his family, and his supporters has gotten “out of control,” mainly because “the Democratic Party is sinking,” says Eric Trump.

“I’ve never seen hatred like this. To me, they’re not even people. It’s so, so sad,” Trump said on Hannity Tuesday night. “Morality is just gone. Morals have flown out the window. We deserve so much better than this as a country.”

Trump said that the Democratic Party’s continued implosion is forcing them to accelerate their obstructionist tactics to cover for their lack of coherent policy ideas.

“They don’t have leadership, so they obstruct,” Trump said.

Hannity agreed with Trump, saying that the corporate media has been “dead and buried” for months.

“Honestly, I blame most of these politicians, and I blame the media, because it’s out of control, I mean the way they act is out of control and honestly, it’s because the Democratic Party is sinking,” Trump said.

“They don’t have the voice of the American people, they don’t have things that make sense for this country, they did a terrible job with jobs, they lost industry, they lost the economy.”

Trump also argued that it’s “truly, truly sick” that no member of the Trump family is safe from vicious attacks, including his wife’s unborn child and 11-year old brother Barron Trump.

“We need to bring some principle back, we have to bring some manners back, we need to bring some respect back,” Trump said.

“They would rather see him fail than have America succeed, and I’ve said that million times. That’s the ugliness of Washington, D.C.,” he added.

The left has been crudely attacking Trump and his family constantly in the months following President Trump’s swearing in, including Kathy Griffin saying she’d be happy to give Barron Trump a “beat down,” CNN Reza Aslan calling Trump a “piece of sh*t,” and Snoop Dogg’s nephew “Bow Wow” calling for pimping out the First Lady.

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