Despite overwhelming positive reactions from audiences and already rocketing to number one documentary of 2016 in its opening week, establishment critics slammed Dinesh D’Souza’s film Hillary’s America in Rotten Tomatoes with a laughably unrealistic rating of 5%.

“The Left unleashed a whole battery of critics who tried to bash the film into submission through Rotten Tomatoes and through basically misrepresenting what the film is about,” said D’Souza on The Alex Jones Show Thursday. “The great thing is we’ve had people see, they love it, they go nuts, they tell other people. Our film is already in the top ten political documentaries of all time, in one week.”

“We show in the documentary that the Democratic Party is the party of bigotry,” D’Souza continued. “It’s wonderful to see the lifting of the curtain because you can see how they actually think, the way they talk in private.”

“It’s just thrilling to have this film in the theater as a kind of vaccination or antidote to the unbelievable squid-like cloud of rhetoric that’s coming out of Philadelphia.”

In 2012, D’Souza’s highly acclaimed film 2016: Obama’s America grossed $33.5 million, making it the fourth highest grossing documentary and second highest grossing political documentary in the U.S since 1982.

His film America: Imagine the World Without Her was also the highest-grossing documentary of 2014.

Similarly to Hillary’s America, having received an audience score of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, critics still attempted to bash the film by giving it an 8% rating.

“The very idea that Bill and Hillary, this kind of Bonnie and Clyde operation, that’s in it for themselves, that doesn’t care about domestic policy nor do they care about foreign policy,” D’Souza stated. “They’re just like brokers who want to collect ten percent, and that’s all they care about.”

“So they idea that they can fix problems is just ludicrous… With Hillary the Democrats know and they still put her forward and I think that actually is a referendum on the character of this party that would advance a known crook as their standard bearer for the White House.”

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