Despite her unpopularity with the American people, who view her as dishonest and untrustworthy, and the taint of the email scandal, Hillary Clinton has increased her lead over other Democrat presidential contenders.

If a CNN/ORC poll conducted between September 11 and 19 can be trusted, Clinton is supported by 42% of Democrat primary voters, while rival Bernie Sanders is at 24%.

Joe Biden, who has yet to declare his entry in the race, is at 22% and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley at a paltry 1%.

The poll results modify the perception that Clinton has lost territory to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Earlier this month polls showed Clinton’s lead chipped away in two key early voting states, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Instead of focusing on Clinton’s scandals, Sanders, who describes himself as a “democratic socialist,” has gone after Republican rivals.

On Sunday Sanders denounced remarks made by GOP candidate Ben Carson, who said Islam is inconsistent with the Constitution and advocated against putting “a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

Sanders said he believes his campaign stands “a very good chance to win Massachusetts and a number of other states on Super Tuesday.”

He made the comment prior to the results of the CNN/OCR poll released on Monday.

Sanders also said he would be “honored” to have anti-Wall Street crusader Sen. Elizabeth Warren working with him if he gets his party’s nomination.

“Liz Warren is one of the strongest advocates for working people in this country,” Sanders said. “I would be honored to have her, in one way or another, working with me.”

Hillary Clinton is a favorite of the financial class. Her campaign supporters include Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and other investment banking interests.

Many Sanders supporters will vote for Clinton if she wins the nomination in order to make certain she trounces her Republican opponent in November, 2016.

Former Clinton insider Larry Nichols told Infowars the Clinton team is working to flip the email scandal in Hillary’s favor.

“You never want to run as the anointed one,” Nichols explains in an Infowars documentary. “You always want to run as the underdog.”

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