The corporate media in the United States is now calling for re-intervention in Iraq following the success of a former al-Qaeda affiliate in taking over the northwestern part of the country. CNN, forever a trusty asset of the Pentagon and the War Party, is floating the prospect of airstrikes:

The New York Times, fulfilling its role as a primary conduit for war propaganda (as it did during the previous illegal invasion), is providing the information required to set the stage for humanitarian intervention, a term now routinely used by Democrats and liberals to make mass murder palatable to a war weary public. The usual front for this is the United Nations:

Of course, to get your attention, the threat posed by a group indirectly created by the CIA and its terror-generating partners (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey) must be personalized. Gas prices at the pump are set to skyrocket:

Naturally, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq is considered a foreign policy failure by the establishment:

Seasoned establishment propagandist, Glenn Beck, fanned the flames of fear and paranoia by predicting on Sean Hannity’s Fox show al-Qaeda will basically take over the world. “Nature abhors a vacuum and we have left a vacuum around the world,” Beck said. In other words, the idea that the U.S. shouldn’t be the world’s policeman is a tragic mistake:

CNN agrees with Beck:

Perpetual war for perpetual peace and, of course, perpetual profits for the war machine. According to The Guardian, the problem is the American people pulled out too early:

CNN again: Airstrike will be useless. You know what that means:

Then again, airstrike and blowing things up might work, at least in the short term:

It’s inevitable:

Never mentioned by the corporate media is the fact the current situation in Iraq is the direct result of two previous Bush invasions with the help of George W. Bush’s fourth brother, Bill Clinton, who imposed a decade of brutal medieval sanctions.

The latest “humanitarian intervention” now ramping up will redouble the misery of the Iraqi people, many who prefer the iron-fisted sharia totalitarianism of the jihadists to the engineered order out of chaos sectarian violence encouraged by the financial elite and their neocon masters of “creative destruction” over at the Pentagon.

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