Junta showboated as Christian, democratic and principled

Kurt Nimmo
April 2, 2014

The establishment media is attempting to marginalize and expel Right Sector and Svoboda fascists from the Ukrainian junta in order to make it palatable now that the IMF, the United States and the European Union are ladling money and support on the nearly bankrupt country.

U.S. News & World Report, owned by billionaire and Obama speechwriter Mortimer Zuckerman, leads the charge. It dismisses as “Russian slander” reports highlighting the extreme nationalist political ideology prevalent within the junta that took control of the government in February.

Despite the junta’s well documented ugly side, U.S. News & World Report quotes William Miller, who served as the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine from 1993 to 1998. Following a return from Kyiv, where he met members of the ruling junta now portraying itself as a “transition government,” Miller painted a glowing portrait of the State Department orchestrated Euromaidan coup.

“The Maidan is peaceful, deeply religious, iconic, symbolic, and a place of discussion and a mixture of all kinds of people discussing the phenomenon of the Maidan revolution,” Miller said.

Remarkably, Miller went on to portray the principles of the junta in biblical terms. “The expectations of the future government to carry out the principles of the Maidan – which are direct democratic action and principled behavior – are not unlike the principles contained in the best constitutions of the democratic world, and the Ten Commandments,” he said.

Miller said the atmosphere in Kyiv is deeply religious and includes the participation of Jews, Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Muslims, and even non-believers and atheists.

This ignores the racist diatribes of Oleh Tyahnybok, the leader of Svoboda and a member of Parliament. Tyahnybok figures large in the junta. His role, however, is consistently downplayed by the establishment. In 2004 Tyahnybok said a “Moscow-Jewish mafia” was angling to takeover the country and nationalist partisans during the Second World War “fought against the Moskali, Germans, Jews and other scum who wanted to take away our Ukrainian state.”

Fellow Svoboda MP Igor Miroshnichenko, who physically attacked a Ukrainian television director last month, is remembered for calling Hollywood actress Mila Kunis, who emigrated with her family from Ukraine when she was a child, a “zhydovka,” which translates to “dirty Jewess.”

The comments of Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko are obviously not biblical and certainly do not conform to Miller’s glowing portrayal of coexistence at the highest levels of the junta.

A large number of Ukrainians, steeped in radical nationalism, support Svoboda and its ethnic supremacy agenda. During the 2012 election, it received 37 seats in Parliament, making it the fourth largest political party. After the violent coup ousting elected leader Viktor Yanukovych, six major cabinet ministries in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk went to Svoboda. Yatsenyuk, a former central banker, was handpicked by the State Department to lead the transition government.

Other Svoboda fascists hold important positions, including Oleksandr Sych, who is deputy prime minister for economic affairs. Serhiy Kvit was appointed Education Ministry while Andriy Makhnyk heads up the Ecology Ministry and Ihor Shvaiko runs the Agriculture Ministry. In early March, Svoboda member Oleh Makhnitsky was named prosecutor-general of Ukraine.

Andriy Parubiy, the cofounder of Svoboda, was named Secretary of the Security and National Defense Committee, which supervises the defense ministry and the armed forces. “The Parubiy appointment to such an important post should, alone, be cause for international outrage. He led the masked Right Sector thugs who battled riot police in the Independence Maidan in Kiev,” Greg Rose wrote last month.

Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh was appointed Parubiy’s deputy. Yarosh has announced he will run for president. Right Sector is even more radical and nationalistic than Svoboda and espouses an ideology some characterize as neo-Nazi. It recently absorbed the Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense, a paramilitary force, and Trizub, known as the ultra-nationalistic Stepan Bandera All-Ukrainian Organization. Bandera headed up one of the factions of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, a fascist movement advocating the supremacy of ethnic Ukrainians and the forced removal of non-Ukrainians.

Prior to the Western media blitz designed to sanitize the junta, efforts were made to marginalize Right Sector and prevent the ultra-nationalist contagion from spoiling the coup government’s stage managed image. Following the murder of Oleksandr Muzychko, aka Sashko Biliy, Right Sector’s second in command, and an angry demonstration outside Parliament in response to the assassination by more than a thousand Right Sector members, the junta has demanded the group disarm pronto.

On Monday, riot cops surrounded the Dnipro Hotel in Kyiv, where Right Sector has its headquarters, after a gunfight in the capital. The government demanded members disarm and evacuate the building. The junta used the incident to call for the “immediate disarming of illegally armed groups in Ukraine,” including pro-Russian paramilitaries in the east of the country.

Junta officials are attempting to use weapons confiscated at the hotel to link Right Sector to other crimes and portray the group instrumental in the success of the coup as a danger.

A Night of the Long Knives scenario is crucial to effectively installing a regime in Ukraine amenable to the globalist agenda. The United States is working to reinstall the kleptocratic party of the convicted criminal Yulia Tymoshenko, Batkivshchyna or the All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland, put in power by the Orange Revolution, a coup staged by USAID and the usual color revolution suspects, including the billionaire George Soros. In order to effectively do this and showboat the junta as Christian and democratic, the darker elements, those necessarily required to topple the previous kleptocrat Yanukovych, must be purged and rendered outlaw criminals as they were considered prior to the coup.

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