October 2, 2012

In efforts to curb the rising number of abductions and disappearances, some websites have begun integrating missing children pictures into missing web page messages, or 404 load errors.

[…] An estimated one million children go missing every year in the European Union. These include runaways, criminal abductions, those abducted by a parent, the lost or injured, as well as missing unaccompanied migrant children.

Poland is one of the countries attempting to do something about it. Every few days at least three children under the age of 13 disappear there, and every day 10 teenagers are reported missing.

In Warsaw, Right On met a woman who has been searching for her niece for the past decade.

Seven-year-old Karina Surmacz was nowhere to be seen after her mother was found shot dead at home in 2002, along with her partner. It is possible the killings are linked to organised crime, but there has been no progress on solving the murders – or Karina’s disappearance.

Małgorzata Niemiec, Karina’s aunt, told euronews:
“People say she might be dead, that she was murdered. But until she is found somewhere, until I see her dead body, and there’s no doubt, for me she will continue to be alive. I’ll continue to wait for her.”

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