Socialist and key architect of the European Union, Jean-Claude Juncker, has used the State of the European Union speech in Strasbourg, France, to call for Europe to accept an influx of 160,000 refugees, primarily from Syria and Libya.

“Turning a blind eye to poor and helpless people, that is not Europe,” Juncker admonished.

He said so “long as there is war in Syria and terror in Libya, the refugee crisis will not simply go away.”

Juncker did not address the root cause of the crises in Syria and Libya, namely U.S. support for a proxy war in Syria and an invasion of Libya by NATO and the United States.

The plan put forward by Juncker would integrate asylum seekers more rapidly than in the past, allowing them to work and earn money while their applications are being processed.

Juncker has called for imposing fines and sanctions on European states that do not agree to the plan.

Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia last week issued a joint statement stating “the introduction of mandatory and permanent quotas … would be unacceptable.”

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