Ian Drury
Mail Online
November 21, 2008

The European Union is costing Britain a staggering £106,000 a minute, a think-tank has revealed.

As the UK teeters on the brink of what experts predict will be the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression, the Government has surrendered £55.8billion to Brussels this year.

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That is equivalent to paying a whopping £900 for every man, woman and child in the country.

Cutting back on payments to the EU could fund a 6p cut in income tax, according to a hard-hitting report by the Eurosceptic Bruges Group.

They branded it a ‘scandal’ that Britain was contributing so much money to the super-state when struggling families were being forced to tighten their belts as recession looms.

UK Independent Party MEP Gerard Batten, who wrote the report for the think-tank, said: ‘As we enter what looks like the most serious economic crisis since 1929 membership of the European Union is a luxury that the British people simply cannot afford.

‘It is clear that the EU is holding up economic recovery. To get Britain out of recession, we must get Britain out of the EU.’

Robert Oulds, director of the Bruges Group, said: ‘There is a desperate need to reinvigorate the British economy by reducing the burden of taxation.

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