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December 23, 2011

RELATED: China warns EU of carbon tax ‘trade war’

International carriers will have to pay for polluting rights … Top EU court upholds carbon cost on international airlines … The EU’s top court has dismissed a challenge to Europe’s carbon market brought by US airlines, upholding a law that will force foreign carriers to comply with rules that extend emissions trading to aviation in 2012. – AP

Dominant Social Theme: The world is warming and thank goodness for the EU courts that are trying to protect everyone – and fauna and flora as well.

Free-Market Analysis: It is not enough that there is likely no such thing as global warming or that, even if there was, humans could do anything about it. Now, thanks to a lunatic ruling by the top EU courts, airlines around the world will have to pay a “carbon tax” and participate in a brand new EU “carbon market.”

While the ruling may somehow be appealed successfully, it is indicative of the lunacy that now reigns supreme not just in Europe but around the world. Human beings have gone mad collectively, not because they are prone to madness but because Western elites are leading them there.

It begins with the Anglosphere power elite that uses dominant social themes – fear-based promotions – to frighten Western middle classes into giving up power and wealth to previously created globalist solutions. These dominant social themes, in our view, have been promoted more and more aggressively in this “era of the Internet.”

The reason for this seems clear to us. There is a sea-change in the way people acquire and share information. The first time this happened, in our view, was when the Gutenberg Press was invented. Now, with the Internet, the same thing is happening. Information is causing new ways of thinking and breaking the power elite stranglehold on what we have called “directed history.”

Because things are changing so rapidly, the powers-that-be are using more force and less persuasion. They are turning to laws and courts and even military force to ensure that momentum for their one-world order continues.

Global warming (climate change) is just one more dominant social theme designed to raise revenue for a small group of people – intergenerational families and their corporate, religious and military associates and enablers – that want to run the world in an official capacity.

It is no surprise that the top European court would rule in favor of the fear-based meme of climate change. The EU is a power-elite project, in our view, designed to serve as a building block of world government. Here is some more from the article:

The European Union’s top court has upheld the bloc’s right to make foreign airlines participate in the EU carbon market, which is to be extended to aviation from January 1, 2012. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg dismissed a challenge by US airlines and ruled that the EU’s law was valid. It requires all airlines that use European airports to offset their carbon emissions. “Application of the emissions trading scheme (ETS) to aviation infringes neither the principles of customary international law at issue nor the open-skies agreement,” the court said in a statement.

Germany’s BUND environmental protection organisation said it was “a victory of common sense.” Though aviation accounts for only 5 percent of humans’ carbon emissions, it is the fastest-growing source of the greenhouse gases blamed for climate change.

While the ECJ ruling is final, there is some flexibility in how the regulations may be applied. Airlines initially would only be required to pay for 15 percent of the carbon they emit. The law also allows for “equivalent measures,” meaning incoming flights to Europe would be exempt if the nation from which they came had measures in place to offset the international emissions of the route. The US trade group Airlines for America said its members would comply with the EU directive “under protest,” while reviewing legal options.

The initial lawsuit regarding climate change was brought by US and Canadian airlines acting through Airlines for America. It was, according to the article, a protest supported by China, India and other countries with international carriers. So the chances are that the EU ruling will not be the last word on the subject. There is too much controversy.

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