The European Commission president slammed key negotiation points of Britain’s Brexit policy Wednesday, the latest complication in the UK prime minister’s plans as she struggles to them amid criticisms.

The UK’s Brexit stance on the Irish border and future trade with the European Union are unacceptable, EU president Donald Tusk said on Wednesday.

Tusk’s comments come ahead of the EU summit in Salzburg, Austria, where he advocated close coordination on security and foreign policy issues, but warned that Britain’s Chequers proposals and “other issues such as the Irish question, or the framework for economic cooperation, the UK’s proposals will need to be reworked.”

“The Brexit negotiations are entering their decisive phase,” Tusk said at a news conference. “Various scenarios are still possible today but I’d like to stress that some of Prime Minister May’s proposals from Chequers indicated positive evolution in the UK’s approach.”

Tusk is expected to chair the 28-member summit later on Wednesday, mentioning that he would call an extra summit for EU leaders in mid-November to finalize Brexit negotiations.

“Today there is perhaps more hope but there is surely less and less time,” Tusk continued. “Every day that is left we must use for talks. I’d like to finalize them still this autumn.”

Donald Tusk warned of a hard-Brexit in a letter to European leaders that Britain and mentioned that the European Union and UK were in the “final weeks of negotiations,” urging the European Council to “review progress in these talks” just six months before Brexit is set to begin.

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