Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, has said Europe is underestimating the scale of the migrant crisis, and that we could face migration of ‘biblical proportions’ if the problem isn’t dealt with properly now.

Speaking to the Il Messagero newspaper, Tajani said: “If we don’t confront this soon, we will find ourselves with millions of people on our doorstep within five years.

“Today we are trying to solve a problem of a few thousand people, but we need to have a strategy for millions of people.”

Italy is really feeling the pressure at the moment and has threatened to close its ports to NGOs bringing migrants into the country, unless the EU does more to help. Even the Mayor of Rome has said the city cannot take any more migrants and has called for a halt on any more migration into the historic city.

With Europe struggling to cope with the tens of thousands of migrants that are arriving every week, we’re not very hopeful that our so-called leaders will do anything to stop these economic migrants.

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