EU apparatchiks issued a “sharp rebuke” on Monday

Kurt Nimmo
February 10, 2014

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has threatened the Ukrainian government, stating there will be consequences if it continues to resist the Soros-NED-USAID protests in Kiev.

Lubomir Zaoralek, the foreign minister of the Czech Republic, added that the European Union must impose economic sanctions on the Ukraine if resistance continues.

“It’s something totally unacceptable, this violence and the role of the authorities in intimidation. It’s something that is very close to our experience in the socialist past,” Zaoralek told Reuters. “I am absolutely convinced that if there is an escalation of violence, I see no chance to avoid sanctions. The EU must use all tools at our disposal.”

Zaoralek failed to mention the violent tactics of the demonstrators.

“What we are hearing from the US and from the EU is of course the most cynical hypocrisy. After the last few years of the brutal police repressions of the Occupy Wall Street movement in the US and the anti-neo-liberal austerity dictates that have been instituted around the EU, which brought literally tens of millions of protesters out onto the streets,” Mark Sleboda, professor of international relations at the Moscow State University, told RT in January.

“They are calling against the violence in Ukraine where the majority of the injuries for the past few days have been from the police who suffered injuries from Molotov cocktails, firebombs, knife stabbings, clubbings with morning stars, wizard shots from trebuchets constructed in the Maidan and bows and the arrows. We are frequently seeing a level of medieval violence from the protesters. That’s where the real violence in these protests is coming from.”

Bildt, Zaoralek, and the ministers and bureaucrats of the EU are stepping up the pressure on Ukraine because the confrontational Euromaidan protests designed by the Russophobe George Soros and neocons in the State Department (most notably and verbally Victoria Nuland) to topple the government are stalling out and losing momentum.

EU apparatchiks issued a “sharp rebuke” on Monday stating they are “alarmed by the human rights situation, including violence, cases of missing persons, torture and intimidation” as part of a response to the ongoing protests. They said the EU is ready to “assist” Ukraine if the present government capitulates and a new regime is installed. Only then can Ukraine “pursue economic and political reforms,” in other words take orders from Brussels and submit to the austerity and serfdom regimen imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The “banker-led federation of austerity and poverty,” as Wayne Madsen aptly characterizes the EU, is determined to break the will of the Ukrainian government because it stands as a symbol of resistance to a corporatist and bankster dominated Fourth Reich, as the EU ultimately became as the infamous Red House Report predicted.

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