Geert Wilders, the leading candidate in the Netherlands’ prime minister race, is warning that Europe is on the brink of obliteration in the coming decades as up to one billion third-world Islamicists flood the continent.

In an interview with Rebel Media, the ‘Dutch Donald Trump’ discussed his platform, his outlook for the Netherlands and Europe and what he sees unfolding in the final weeks leading up to the pivotal March 15 elections, where his Party For Freedom is expected to win the most seats in parliament.

“These are historical elections – go and vote, and get our Netherlands back,” he said, paraphrasing a message to his supporters – many of whom are traditionally non-participants in a political process in which they have lost faith, much like the disenfranchised independents who were key to Trump’s win.

When asked if he felt his supporters are inspired by the success of both Brexit and Trump, Wilders said the Dutch realize the hysterical fear-mongering by leftists and the mainstream media leading up to both globalism-shattering decisions was baseless propaganda.

“Right now, it’s what I call the ‘Patriotic Spring,’” he explained. “People feel misrepresented by the current political parties, by the current elite, who [advocate] multiculturalism, mass immigration, Islamization – or the fact that we transferred our national sovereignty to this institution called the European Union in Brussels, and we don’t even have the key to our own front door and cannot decide who we let enter into our country, or when people should leave.”

“People are fed up with the arrogance of the political elite.”

Wilders, well known as an anti-Islamization crusader, explained that the biggest issues facing Europe and the Netherlands center on immigration, and why they are particularly unique due to the continent’s geographical orientation.

“It is our mere existence that is at stake,” he said. “Our continent is bordering Africa, the Middle East – and the African inhabitants, the African people, will explode in this century. They have one billion people living in Africa today.”

“According to the United Nations, at the end of the century it will be quadrupled to four billion people, where at the same time, the amount of European people will diminish.”

“So, four billion people – one-third of them, even today, are planning to emigrate to Europe, which means that what we saw happening with the asylum crisis, with people from Syria, and Libya, coming to Europe – we haven’t seen anything yet,” he added. “One billion people, mostly from Islamic backgrounds, will come to Europe in this century.”

“Islam, once again, is not there to assimilate, or to integrate. That is the biggest mistake we’ve made – open borders, and no demands on new immigrants to assimilate or to integrate. We will cease to exist.”

He placed the blame fully on the establishment elite, who he says created the concepts of multiculturalism and open borders.

“They are fighting against our mere existence.”

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