The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner is demanding British ministers cease calling migrants “illegal immigrants” and instead refer to them as “irregular.”

“UK political leaders are urged to reflect on the language they use regarding foreign nationals and should avoid the term ‘illegal (im)migrant’,” Latvian human rights activist Nils Muižnieks wrote in a memo to the UK’s immigration minister, according to The Telegraph.

“People are not illegal,” Muižnieks wrote. “Their legal status may be irregular, but that does not render them beyond humanity.”

Muižnieks, president of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, went on to label the UK’s current and potential immigration laws “draconian,” and also called out Prime Minister David Cameron for using “alarmist rhetoric” when addressing Europe’s migrant influx.

“The commissioner is worried by the dominant political discourse in the UK which is tainted by alarmism,” wrote the former program director for George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in Latvia.

“Prime Minister Cameron, in at least two major speeches on immigration, has scaled up the alarmist rhetoric targeting migrants.”

The British Home Office, the UK’s immigration bureau, issued a response saying immigration laws were already adequate, but ignored the commissioner’s sentiments on his preferred terminology.

Several British lawmakers, however, took issue with Muižnieks’ request, with some warning it was absurd political correctness and others calling for him to leave office.

“The commissioner is a disgrace and should resign,” said UK parliament member David Davies.

Davies as quoted by the Telegraph:

“Our immigration rules are fair – in fact they’re not strict enough.

“The Council of Europe, of which I’m a member, is afraid to tell it how it is when it comes immigration.

“These migrants are largely groups of young men and are economic migrants with very different attitudes to women’s rights and gay rights.

“This can be very much to the detriment of women, Jews and gay people in this country and others, as we saw in Cologne earlier this year when women were sexually assaulted by gangs of men.”

Another parliament member said the commissioners’ plea represented an overreach in political correctness.

“This pronouncement from another European Federalist politician is political correctness gone mad,” said conservative MP Philip Hollobone. “The niceties and delicacies of the language this man suggests are lost on my constituents.”

Muižnieks’ request is illustrative of the globalist attempt to muddle the English language in efforts to portray the ongoing European migrant invasion as a humanitarian crisis.

In April 2013, American news outlet The Associated Press also announced its editors would stop using the phrases “illegal alien, illegal, illegals or undocumented.”

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