Hundreds of Arab and North African migrants sexually molested and raped scores of German women in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart on New Years Eve.

After throwing fireworks at people to cause a distraction, aggressive and intoxicated young men surrounded the women, groping and assaulting them at will.

“The men surrounded us and started to grab our behinds and touch our crotches,” one woman told CNN, adding that she ran to police fearing for her life but they were understaffed and unable to help.

And how did the pro-refugee Mayor of Cologne respond to this mass molestation, which the police said was committed by migrants, and which eyewitnesses said was committed by migrants?

By saying….don’t blame the migrants.

“It’s completely improper… to link a group that appeared to come from North Africa with the refugees,” said Henriette Reker.

Even though many of the refugees flooding into Germany are North Africans, and video footage from the scene clearly shows that most of the men were Arabs.

Victims reported that the perpetrators were both Arabs and North Africans.

Even though Germany has been experiencing a rape epidemic in and around migrant camps, that authorities have ordered police not to talk about.

But the BBC assured us that no official source had confirmed the men involved were asylum seekers, even though the police said they were asylum seekers.

The Mayor also came out with a code of conduct – not for the migrants – for the women – saying they should avoid potential rapists, by keeping them at arms length.

Arabs and North Africans, men from two completely different parts of the world, both treating women like pieces of meat.

I wonder what could be the common denominator here? What could it possibly be?

Could it be a belief system that allows its adherents to take women as sex slaves?

Could it be a religion that worships a Prophet who had a deluge of sex slaves and who had intercourse with a 9-year-old girl?

Could it be a culture and a legal system, sharia law, that is so oppressive towards women, it stones them to death for being raped, wearing jeans, or looking at a man twice?

Could it have anything to do with hate preachers who openly call on Muslim migrants to sexually conquer European women?

And what do the other countries where these rapes by Arabs and North Africans are being routinely reported have in common?

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy.

Oh that’s right, they’re all European countries that have rolled the red carpet out for Muslim migrants.

Of course it’s nothing new for Sweden, which has enjoyed a rape rate rise of 1400% since it opened its borders to this cultural enrichment.

But don’t worry, because western feminists, who are bravely fighting against rape culture, were the first to vigorously denounce this outrage.

Actually, they were too busy being upset over a new Protein World Beach Body ad.

That’s right, while Europe is openly importing a real rape culture, putting thousands of women at risk, 3rd wave feminists are more interested in the sexist evils of air conditioning and page 3 girls.

Listen, before you get triggered, I’m not saying all Muslims are rapists.

In fact most of the victims of this migrant rape epidemic have been Muslim women and young Muslim girls living in the migrant camps.

But that doesn’t really matter to the white, middle class, regressive left, who will actually denounce devout Muslims who campaign against honor killings, as anti-Muslim bigots.

They’ll gleefully strangle the voices of Muslim reformers who are actually trying to stop this. All in the name of tolerance.

And it doesn’t matter to the mainstream media, who will whine for weeks about a Hungarian camerawoman tripping a migrant while completely ignoring the migrant crime wave now sweeping Europe.

I don’t blame the significant majority of Muslim migrants who aren’t dangerous and are simply in search of a better life.

I do blame the politicians who have imposed this insane open border policy with no plan whatsoever to assimilate millions of people into secular western society.

Remember, most of the migrants are unaccompanied men, not families, and 80% of them aren’t even Syrian.

Whether it’s part of some bizarre World War 2 hangover self-loathing, or merely political opportunism to import huge numbers of people who will eventually vote for bigger government, German politicians hate the German people.

They even insult their own population as descendents of Nazis who will be ethnically cleansed because of their failure to have enough children.

They even celebrate the possibility that Muslim migrants will outnumber Germans in major cities within 20 years.

This isn’t multiculturalism, which Merkel herself admitted has failed anyway, it’s demographic suicide.

It’s poison to safeguarding Europe’s status as a refuge for tolerance, liberal values, and basic decency.

And it’s being allowed to happen by our own treacherous,, corrupt political class.

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