State Department and EU worked in tandem to overthrow elected government

Kurt Nimmo
March 14, 2014

Bill Cash, a member of the British Parliament who led the Maastricht Rebellion against European Union integration, has criticized the EU and its Eastern Partnership and Association Agreement for the role it played in the current crisis in Ukraine.

“We do not have to be enthusiastic advocates of Vladimir Putin’s policies to recognize that this entire Ukrainian crisis was avoidable. Nor to recognize that the Crimea – handed over by Khrushchev within the Soviet Union to Ukraine in 1954 – has been and remains a vital national security and defense interest for Russia, including the Black Sea and its fleet for centuries. The European Union’s Eastern Partnership and Association Agreement were clearly anticipated to be Ukraine’s stepping stone to membership of the European Union, and probably of NATO as well. On both counts the EU has pursued a remarkably naïve foreign policy,” Cash writes on the Conservative Home website.

Cash adds that “the EU must recognize that it bears a disproportionate degree of responsibility for the crisis which could have been avoided.”

Richard North, writing for, cites Cash’s blog post and shifts focus over to the “sinister-sounding” Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. “This organization has provided an open site for a multiplicity of NGOs, specifically directed at ‘discussions, consultations, information activities in the implementation framework of the Eastern Partnership policy.’ Components of this Forum have been funded by the EU, and by other agencies, including funding from the Swedish government,” North writes.

The NGOs, flush with EU cash, North argues, are “all dedicated, as the Civil Society Forum website openly admits, to bringing Ukraine ‘closer to the EU both politically and economically,” a move adamantly opposed by Russia.

Moreover, the NGOs are dedicated to supporting the violent coup in Kyiv orchestrated by the State Department. The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum recently bragged about the role it played in fomenting violent unrest in the country that led to the death of around 100 people and deposed Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically elected leader of Ukraine.

“Many participants of the EaP Civil Society Forum have been active in various sectors of Euromaidan movement,” a post on the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum website states. It documents how the NGO participated in the coup. “National Platforms from all EaP countries have expressed solidarity with their Ukrainian colleagues and send their ‘glory’ to the civil society in Ukraine.”

Cash and North have, by pointing out the activities of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, provided additional detail on how the EU, along with the United States, worked behind the scenes to foment the violent coup in Ukraine and install a government amenable to Wall Street, the financial cartel, and central bankers running the European Union.

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