COMMENT: Could the real reason for vaccine cancellations be challenges to the flu-fear-industrial complex, such as the accusations put forward by Council of Europe Health Committee chairman Wolfgang Wodarg that WHO officials and Big Pharma reps conspired to trigger pandemic fears (and official government reaction) when they were not justified?

Wall Street Journal
January 13, 2010

Just months after rushing to order enough swine-flu vaccine to protect their citizens, European governments are canceling orders and trying to sell or give away extra doses as they sit on a glut of the vaccine.

[efoods]The main reason: European health officials decided that only one shot per person was needed, instead of the two originally planned. Low demand is also to blame. Many Europeans believe the pandemic has turned out to be fairly mild, and don’t see a reason to get vaccinated. Some are also concerned that they will suffer side effects from the shots, despite assurances otherwise from global health officials.

“The population is not running to get the vaccination,” says Roland Jopp, a spokesman for Germany’s health ministry.

Declining interest in the shots could be bad news for vaccine makers, particularly if countries demand their money back for supplies already delivered.


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