Hillary Clinton continues to be plagued by the email scandal that won’t die. Today the FBI reportedly managed to recover a new set of work-related emails from her private email account – these dealing with Libya and Benghazi, reports Mediaite.

After Hillary’s repeated insistence that she has handed over every such email from her private account, subsequent State Department digital scans have detected a 925-page email chain from her private server that was not originally turned over. They appear to be exchanges with former general David Petraeus during Clinton’s first few days as Secretary of State. Reports indicate that the messages pertain largely to personnel matters, with no classified material having yet been identified.

This new release of emails dwarfs the 296 Benghazi-specific emails previously released by the State Department back in February. But a senior State Department official tells The Daily Beast that “the documents provided today do not alter the fundamental facts known about the Benghazi attacks,”

The State Department has launched another review in order to ensure that all Benghazi-related material will be submitted to the Select Committee on Benghazi before its next hearing.

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