Sweden is set to send a guide to every household in the country on how to handle terror attacks as its security deteriorates.

The ‘If War Comes’ booklet was first distributed in the 1940s in the early days of the Second World War and contained tips for citizens on what they should do if Sweden was invaded.

Now, an updated version will tell Swedes how to prepare for terrorist attacks, natural disasters and war, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

It comes after a string of explosions, grenade attacks and terrorist incidents in the country.

The booklet will form part of the government’s plans to ‘revive civil defence’, meaning the whole community and not just the armed forces are prepared for an attack.

“There are a number of concepts linked to warfare and military attacks that we have not communicated to people for many years. It is a challenge,” says the Swedish Civil Protection and Preparedness Agency spokeswoman Christina Andersson.

It’s insane that a country (in which liberals clams nothing is happening) is literally preparing for all-out war. A European country. Why would the government suddenly choose to release this booklet for the first time since the 1940s, Westmonster wonders?

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