Editor’s Note: Here it is, right in your face. Highly paid, sick scientists in Europe appear to be ‘disappointed’ by their alleged failure to create a brand new ‘Doomsday bug’, but do not be fooled – the object of this whole effort was to demonstrate that their new (soon to be released?) weaponized version of the H5N1 avian super-flu virus could be stopped… by Tamiflu. And who makes Tamiflu? Answer: Roche Pharmaceuticals based in Basel, Switzerland. Activists and consumers alike need to be aware of this and take measures to stop this dangerous game, where companies like Roche are backing what appears to be the biological weaponization and cross engineering of the H5N1 avian strain with other potentially deadly swine flu strains, which will inevidebly be released, in one form or another, into our biosphere.

David Brown
Washington Post

April 4, 2012

LONDON — Two controversial research projects with the H5N1 bird flu virus haven’t produced a killer bug but have generated useful information, two researchers told scientists and bioethicists gathered here to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of manipulating deadly pathogens.

“We can use this information to understand what’s happening in nature,” Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the University of Wisconsin told the group, which is meeting to discuss experiments on the much-feared flu strain that has infected 600 people, killing more than half of them, since 2003. He said his work is already shedding light on outbreaks in Egypt, the country with the second-largest number of H5N1 cases over that period.

… Normally, bird flu is hard for people to catch. It requires close contact with sick birds and almost never passes from person to person. The ease of transmission is mostly determined by the structure of one protein, hemagglutinin. Kawaoka wanted to find out what mutations in that protein’s gene might make the virus more contagious in people.

He put a bird flu hemagglutinin gene into the 2009 pandemic “swine flu” virus and by various methods induced four mutations in it. The final bug was easily passed between ferrets, unlike viruses containing a “wild” bird flu hemagglutinin gene. But the engineered virus didn’t kill the animals and didn’t even make them as sick as the swine flu virus. The infections were also easily stopped with the drug Tamiflu.

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