A woman who was groped last year by an on-duty San Diego police officer is suing him and the Police Department, alleging assault and battery, false arrest and other violations.

In the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in San Diego Superior Court, the woman contends Christopher Hays sexually assaulted her on Oct. 30, 2013, after driving her home from a bus stop and then performing a pat-down search. Hays “squeezed and groped” the woman repeatedly for more than 20 minutes, and made sexual statements about her body, according to the lawsuit. When Hays instructed the woman to pat him down, she complied, fearing he would arrest her if she didn’t, the suit says.

Hays, 30, faced criminal charges early this year with prosecutors accusing him of inappropriately touching four women during pat-down searches. He resigned from the San Diego Police Department in February, shortly after he was arraigned.

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