Transcripts of fired former FBI special agent Peter Strzok’s closed-door testimony to congressional investigators last year over DOJ and FBI wrongdoing have been released.

Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the 312-page transcript on Thursday.

“Today, will be available for Americans to review the transcript of Peter Strzok during his interview with the Judiciary Committee,” Collins tweeted.

The release of Strzok’s testimony comes days after the release of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page and DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s transcripts.

“I have thus far released the interview transcripts of two individuals at the heart of the 2016 DOJ investigations controversy,” Colins said on the House floor. “Today, I’m releasing a third. As I’ve said before, I believe the American people deserve transparency and deserve to know what transpired at the highest echelons of the FBI during this tumultuous time for the bureau.”

Strzok came under fire last year after text messages with lover Page revealed deep bias against then-candidate Donald Trump, and even potential wrongdoing by FBI and DOJ leadership.

Page confirmed in her testimony that the Russia investigation against Trump was launched as an “insurance policy” should Hillary Clinton lose the presidential election, and that Strzok entered the investigation intent on impeaching the president.

Read the Peter Strzok transcripts below:

06.27.18 Interview of Peter…


The corruption on the left has become apparent after Lisa Page’s testimony and months of the fake Russian collusion witch hunt. Owen comments on the latest headlines.

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