The former Google engineer who called YouTube’s algorithm change that buried “conspiracy theory” content a “historic victory” is now investigating why Jordan Peterson’s videos are so popular on the platform, emphasizing once again how ‘conspiracy theories’ are being conflated with dissident political opinions to justify a new wave of censorship.

YouTube recently announced it would stop recommending videos that contained “conspiracy theory” content or were deemed to be ‘misleading’.

This was in reaction to a BuzzFeed article which conflated conspiracy theory content with videos by mainstream conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro, Prager University and philosopher Jordan Peterson.

Now an ex-Google engineer who previously worked on YouTube’s algorithm has shifted his attention to finding out why Peterson’s videos get so much traction.

In a thread about YouTube’s decision to “stop recommending some conspiracy theories such as flat earth,” Guillaume Chaslot said the change was a “historic victory,” before going on to claim that watching conspiracy videos causes social isolation and even murder.

“This AI change will save thousands from falling into such rabbit holes,” tweeted Chaslot.

However, like BuzzFeed’s original article, he once again conflated “conspiracy theories” with right of center political content, claiming that the AI needs to be changed to stop “political abuse” and “radicalization,” two terms routinely used by the left to argue for censorship of conservatives.

When Chaslot was asked why YouTube kept recommending Jordan Peterson’s videos to everyone, he responded, “I’m working on a piece to explain that – Hint 1: men spend 40% more time on YouTube than women – Hint 2: which men spend the most time YouTube?”

As we previously warned, clamping down on “conspiracy theories,” “misleading” content and other such vague terms is merely a backdoor through which YouTube will go to even greater lengths to silence opinions that challenge the Silicon Valley consensus.

Whoever controls the algorithm controls reality.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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