Outspoken former Mexican President Vicente Fox says President Trump needs to clean up his act.

On Wednesday the bitter ex-head of state tweeted in reference to Trump’s “animals” remark against MS-13, saying the US president should “show compassion and humanity” to illegal aliens pouring across the border, and adding Trump needs to “get [his] shit together.”

[email protected], you’ve got to get your shit together: migrants are people who have left everything behind – not by choice, to pursue a better life. You must show compassion and humanity. Your golden head and a #FuckingWall won’t stop these people’s dreams and hopes,” Fox tweeted Wednesday night.

Fox’s comments followed remarks from President Trump Wednesday in which he used the word “animals” to describe violent MS-13 gang members.

The Mexican ex-president has frequently been a vocal (and vulgar) critic of the US President’s immigration policies, his proposal to scrap or renegotiate the NAFTA trade deal, and his plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico – with the southern nation footing the bill.

Fox is perhaps most notorious for his obscene tag line in which he tells the president, “I am not going to pay for that fucking wall.”

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