Discussing concerns that the upcoming presidential election could be rigged is a baseless “conspiracy theory,” according to Barack Obama, but according to former Obama administration official Chris Finan, the notion that Russia could steal the election for Trump is perfectly plausible.

Obama responded to Donald Trump’s worries about vote fraud last night by completely dismissing the idea and suggesting Trump was unhinged for even raising it.

However, the idea doesn’t sound so outlandish to former Obama administration cybersecurity official Chris Finan, but so long as the election is being rigged in favor of Trump and not Hillary Clinton.

In an article for the Hill, Finan claims evidence is mounting that, “Russian intelligence services were responsible for the DNC breach and subsequent email release to WikiLeaks,” despite the fact that there is little evidence to suggest such a scenario and Julian Assange himself hasvehemently denied it.

But that doesn’t stop Finan from going on to weave his own conspiracy theory – that the Kremlin could order hackers to tamper with electronic ballots to throw the entire election result into disarray.

“Russian-sponsored hackers have the means and – it now appears – the potential intent to manipulate election results,” writes Finan, adding that, “Putin may be willing to take bolder risks, especially if he believes he’s invisible,” to help Trump steal the presidency.

“Make no mistake, the Putins of the world are going to get a vote unless we rise together as a nation to address our cyber vulnerabilities,” he concludes.

Finan accurately asserts that there are “widespread vulnerabilities” that allow “the exploitation of electronic voting machines,” but why this suddenly becomes a “conspiracy theory” when one speculates that Hillary’s campaign could benefit from it has not been explained by either Obama or Finan.


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