Pamela Constable
Washington Post
January 2, 2014

The treason indictment of Pakistan’s former military ruler was postponed for the third time Thursday after the 70-year-old retired army general was suddenly taken to a military cardiac hospital with an undisclosed ailment instead of appearing in court to face the charges against him.

A three-member tribunal, formed to try ex-president Pervez Musharraf for suspending the constitution in 2007, announced that it would allow him more time because of his reported medical problems. The court then ordered him to appear on Monday, but Musharraf’s lawyers said that would depend on his health.

The latest twist in the melodrama surrounding Musharraf’s case raised speculation in the Pakistani capital that a deal was being arranged to allow him to leave the country rather than face the humiliation of a civilian trial, which analysts believe could cause unrest in the country’s powerful military establishment.

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