Former Reagan administration official David Stockman predicts that President Donald Trump could be kicked out of the Oval Office by February next year.

Stockman, who served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget from 1981-85, writes, “Ultimately, the hammer of fiscal crisis and a crashing stock market will break any remaining loyalty of the GOP elders as they smell the 2018 elections turning into a replay of the rout of 1974.”

“And then the Donald will be gone, and well before August 2018, too. I told an audience in Vancouver last Friday that it could happen by February.”

Stockman thinks that Trump’s ousting will be achieved, “probably by a threatened invocation of the 25th Amendment by the GOP elders on Capitol Hill.”

The 25th amendment allows the removal of a president if he is declared to be mentally unfit, although it requires the support of two thirds of both Congress and the Senate, as well as the Vice-President, making it an incredibly unlikely scenario.

Stockman is by no means a ‘Never-Trumper’ or a neo-con. He acknowledges that the mainstream media is “conducting a grand witch hunt and venomous prosecution that will not be sated until the Donald vacates the Oval Office.”

“The bottom line is that the Swamp is so undrainable that it will end up making mincemeat of Donald Trump,” concludes Stockman.

As we have documented, rumors of a de facto coup in the United States have been swirling for months.

On his Friday show, radio host Michael Savage warned that Americans could even “resort to mob violence” if Trump is removed from office by the globalists and the deep state.

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne also recently claimed that he was told by a senior Republican Congressman that there was a plot to “remove Trump suddenly from office”. Browne said the plan was to “take the president out,” by a method other than impeachment or indictment.

In comments made during the Aspen Security Forum, former CIA Director John Brennan said that if the White House tries to fire special counsel Robert Mueller, executive branch officials should “refuse to carry out” that order, which is effectively a call for a coup.

Last month, Rush Limbaugh also told his audience, “There is a coup underway, being led by the media with accomplices in the Democrat Party and a number of international players, to reject the outcome of the election, to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump, and, if the wish list were realized, to get rid of him.”

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