Infowars has exclusively learned that the email account of Colorado Democratic Senator Andy Kerr has been hacked.

The emails, shown to Infowars by the website DCLeaks, include hundreds of discussions from March 2015 to July 2016 – with one email concerning 2015 marijuana legislation oddly claiming to be from December of 2000.

Taken from Kerr’s Gmail account, the emails, which are currently password protected, mostly surround requests and comments by Kerr’s constituents on a wide range of political topics.

Speaking with Infowars, David Pourshoushtari, communications director for the Colorado State Senate Democrats, said Kerr was unaware of the hack but that the senator declined to provide an official statement until the situation could be assessed.

While the exact reasoning behind the hack is currently unknown, Kerr may have been targeted as part of the same hacking campaign that compromised the emails of other political figures including Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta.

It is also unclear whether Kerr, like Podesta, fell victim to a phishing attack that would have resulted in the senator putting his email password into a fake Google login page.

Earlier this month the former Chief of Protocol of the United States, Capricia Marshall, who was one of Clinton’s insiders at the State Department, similarly had her emails appear on DCLeaks.

The website also made headlines in August after publishing hundreds of documents connected to billionaire donor George Soros.

According to the U.S. government and many in the cybersecurity community, Russian state hackers are responsible for the recent spate of election season hacks. DCLeaks has similarly been accused of being a publishing front for the Russian government.

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