In his first statement since he was arrested, Roger Stone asserted that the indictment against him contains no evidence of Russian collusion and that Robert Mueller now has more power than the president.

Stone’s attorney Grant Smith was the first person to see him in the booking area of the court house. He subsequently relayed to Infowars what Stone said.

Stone first asked about the safety of his wife after the stress of the dawn raid, with Smith informing him that she was OK.

He then relayed his personal thoughts about the arrest.

“This country is literally run by a rogue prosecutor who has more power than the president,” said Stone, adding that he believes America is turning into the “new Soviet Union” and that he fears for his grandchildren.

Sharks circling: Media waits for Stone’s court appearance. (Photo taken by Stone’s attorney Grant Smith)

Stone also kept repeating the assertion that the indictment against him contains no evidence of Russian collusion while also insisting he is innocent of all the charges.

While Stone said he expects to be released after his court appearance later today on a personal recognizance bond, he is expecting to travel to DC next week for arraignment.

Stone reportedly fears he could “disappear into the bottom of a modern American gulag archipelago”.


During a prescient text message exchange with Alex Jones last night, Stone also expressed his fear that, in his own words, they were “setting me up for the kill!” In a subsequent phone call, Stone said that he expected his arrest was imminent.

A federal law enforcement official also told Jones off record: “Never have I been so ashamed of federal law enforcement as I am today. To raid Roger’s home is unbelievable. The FBI is throwing away whatever credibility it had left.”

He added that the feds were pushing the country toward “civil war” because of extreme actions that are causing Americans to lose all faith in government institutions.

Some journalists and commentators on Twitter criticized media coverage of Stone’s arrest, pointing out that the indictment against him is weaker than some had anticipated and contains no proof of Russian collusion.

“Isn’t this kind of “trafficking” what respectable news organizations do every day? What distinguishes what Stone did?” asked Jameel Jaffer.

“The Stone indictment is yet another from Mueller alleging people lied about or otherwise obstructed the post-election investigation, but does not assert any underlying crimes committed by Americans (for conspiring with Russians or anything else) regarding the election itself,” said Glenn Greenwald.


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