June 13, 2013

On last night’s Infowars Nightly News, Alex spoke with a telecom industry insider who broke news of the widespread government surveillance dragnet intercepting data, phone calls, e-mails, videos and pictures a day before the NSA’s PRISM scandal went public.

Critical infrastructure consultant and transport engineer James Knox confirmed that, as an administrator, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been completely honest with the evidence he has brought forth.

“Given what you know from your perspective, is [Snowden’s information] accurate?” Alex asked.

“Absolutely accurate,” Knox said as he proceeded to describe how certain communication technicians have the ability to literally spy on individual people at whim. “That doesn’t mean that there’s a fellow sitting there in front of a monitor watching you day to day. It only becomes important when, for whatever reason – and it could be just sheer boredom – that they run across you…”

Giving an example of how almost everything is dependent on integrated networks that can be monitored and manipulated, Knox says as a telecom worker he had the “keys to the kingdom” and if he had wanted, he could have shut down power to the capitol building in Sacramento.

When Alex mentioned that he had received phone calls in the past threatening his life from unidentifiable phone numbers, Knox said this means someone was manipulating the signaling bandwidth of the phone signal and actively stripping data so that that particular piece of information would not get transferred.

Alex also wondered how easy it is for people to install data on other peoples’ computer, via these integrated networks: “How easy is it for them to set people up?”

“…it’s simple,” Knox responded. “It’s as simple as monitoring you if they want to take that access and get you from the Internet.”

Earlier this week, Rob Dew had also interviewed Mr. Knox where he went into the history of the Telecomm Act of 1996 and CALEA, the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, and how these are used to violate our rights and privacy on a daily basis.

These interviews validate what Alex has been saying for years… that the NSA doesn’t need to tap phones; the phone companies are part of the NSA. The video below is from 2011:

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