John, the creator of the now banned Infowars Roku app, joins Alex Jones live over the phone to detail how the events unfolded that led to his top trending news application to be removed from the leftist appeasing content provider known as Roku.

The move by Roku is a part of a coordinated attack against pro-Trump outlets like Infowars, who leads the charge against the globalist control system.

The company originally said they, “do not curate or censor based on viewpoint,” but within two hours switched their stance and pulled Infowars from the platform.

The reason for the sudden change of heart was that they received pushback from users after a faux outrage was fueled by leftwing publications calling for the end of Infowars’ right to free speech.

Now that Infowars has been banned, who will be kicked off the platform next?

The censorship of conservative, pro-Trump media has continued to escalate over the past few years and it won’t stop until the American people stand up.

In a symbolic gesture to Roku and others who wish to silence dissenting political viewpoints, Alex Jones destroyed a Roku device with a hammer live on air.

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