Surveillance footage showing the FBI raid on Roger Stone’s home was leaked by someone inside the Judiciary Committee and was not released by Stone himself, according to the former Trump advisor.

The footage, which shows police with guns drawn outside Stone’s home, was provided exclusively to Sinclair Broadcasting Group last night – although claims that Stone himself released the footage are untrue.

Stone’s lawyers sent the footage to the Judiciary Committee with the understanding that the footage would not be released as it could be seen to antagonize the judge in Stone’s hearing tomorrow, who may slap a gag order on the former Trump advisor.

However, Stone’s lawyers have no idea why the footage was given to Sinclair or by who, with the implication clearly being that someone on the Judiciary Committee leaked it.

Stone himself was shocked when he learned that the footage had leaked and immediately called his lawyers.

In a related development, Stone also claims that the footage shows CNN reporters talking to SWAT team members well before the raid took place, which will intensify claims that the news network was tipped off in advance, something that CNN has vigorously denied.

Infowars has exclusively obtained the full and shocking surveillance footage of the raid and will be releasing it in due course.

Stone will appear on the show today in the first hour to discuss the issue.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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