I hope we have not converted our pro-Trump Stop The Steal Rally to a Unity and Victory Rally in Cleveland July 18th too soon. A motion to unbind all delegates, along with many other underhanded strategies, is being discussed by the elite of the Republican legal establishment, with the permission (if under not the instruction) of Speaker Paul Ryan. Bitter operatives of Ted Cruz even mailed voters before Virginia County conventions in an attempt to grab delegates.

The extremely capable Paul Manafort beat back that charge for Trump. A someone who saw both Nixon, Reagan up close while in their service I have never seen anything like the whirlwind of Donald J. Trump. He is bigger than the Republican Party. After a wildly successful, if unconventional, primary campaign that closed off any other candidates’ path to 1247 delegates before the convention, Donald Trump is finally being called the presumptive nominee by some, but not the GOP insiders. The battle for his nomination is far from over. The establishment is still plotting to silence the voice of the majority of Republican primary voters. To many journalists, the inner workings of party rules are “inside baseball” of no interest to the common voter. But the GOP insider scheme to unbind delegates and disenfranchise voters should concern every American.

Last week, the annual conference of the Republican National Lawyers Association was held, with some 250 attorneys in attendance. The main topic of discussion: how to steal the GOP nomination front presumptive nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. The RNLA is technically a separate entity from the RNC, though it is essentially made of elite establishment types who are attorneys representing special interests . At their recent meeting, the phrase “Never Trump” was bandied about in hushed tones quite a lot particularly after Trump lawyer Don McGahn left after a perfunctory short remarks. The doors were closed and locked after McGahn left.

Before that Washington insider Fred Barnes was the keynote speaker, and said that while he is not a “Never Trumper,” he knew that many in the room were. He said that Trump must make many changes to his policies if he hopes to unite the party. Barnes was over heard chortling that Trump was a “buffoon” at the cocktail party.

A smaller group huddled to discuss the Rules Committee of the RNC: Larry Levy, RNLA Chairman and a partner of Rudy Guiliani; Randy Evans, RNLA Chairman and national committeeman from GA; John Ryder, General Counsel of the Republican National Committee and Jim Bopp of Citizens United fame and a national committeeman from IN and former RNC Vice-Chairman. I know these guys. Bopp is a patriot but the others are insiders. They blurted out their plan of attack.

Evans alluded to something Congressman Trey Gowdy said the previous morning at the conference, about the importance Republicans place on “process.” It is true, of course, that Republicans care a great deal about the rule of law, Constitutional due process and so on. But what Evans meant is something completely different- and sinister. He said “process” is extremely important to Republicans, lawyers and thus all of us. Evans said that “process IS important,” and urged the crowd of GOP lawyers that “there is NO SUCH THING as a presumptive nominee.” Evans bluntly made the point that Trump has not won the nomination, Evans went on to say that there are many delegates in the “Never Trump” crowd and that many convention delegates will be so-minded. He also said that Speaker Paul Ryan is in this camp and that Ryan is always on the Rules Committee, and will be the Chair of the Convention in Cleveland. Evans reminded the attorneys present that the convention is governed not by Robert’s Rules of Order, but by the Rules of the House and asked rhetorically whether Trump could have someone at the convention who knows House rules as well as speaker Ryan.

Evans went on to “guarantee” there would be challenges to Trump’s delegates who were from states whose delegates were not exclusively chosen by Republicans. Evans said that the challenges would be brought before the Credentials Committee, and that their ruling would come to the floor as the very first order of business. He then pointed out that Trump needs 1237 votes to win any vote, not merely a majority of those present and voting. He rhetorically asked the audience what would happen if 100, or 200, or more, delegates and their alternates could be persuaded to stay at their hotel that morning.

I predicted all this on Infowars.com months ago. The lobbyist class fueled by the donor class with their multi-national interests fear Trump’s nationalism. They will never try to stop him. The Trump juggernaut must be ready for this assault.

Evans even speculated as to what would happen if a motion were brought in the Rules Committee to make it such that only a person from Texas could be nominated on the floor. He wasn’t suggesting this, he made clear, he said he was merely illustrating that there are many, many ways “Never Trump” forces could stop Trump. Another panelist said that Lindsey Graham would be at the convention, and that he is still looking for a role to play.

The other speakers echoed this theme, although Jim Bopp warned that if Evans’ predictions are true, it could mean the “end of the Republican party.” Few other than Bopp seemed to care. Bopp said that he and Evans had “written” Rule 40B, and that his explicit purpose had been to help Romney avoid a floor fight in 2012. He expects that a motion will be brought in the Rules Committee to amend it predicted that a motion would be brought to unbind all delegates on the first ballot. Bopp did say the party would be destroyed if the maneuver. Nobody gave a shit!

The elites who now run the party that ended slavery are desperate and unhinged, willing to engage in any underhanded legal sophistry and shenanigans to subvert the will of their base voters. Every Republican needs to know about their plans and send support in some form or another to Cleveland to Stop the Steal.

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